Mirfield Merit bowls competition preliminary rounds to be staged at 16 venues

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The Mirfield Bowls Merit preliminary rounds will be played next Tuesday (June 26), with matchplay drawn on the respective greens on the night.

At Ossett Flying Horse: N Briggs (Brighouse), C Bray (Cleckheaton, J Wilson (Cleckheaton), R Dunford (Morton), S Wider (Littlemoor), B Falkingham (Littlemoor), D Robson (Littlemoor), A Sykes (MOB), W Kemp (Wakefield), I Booth (Hopton).

At Crosland Moor: G Metcalf (Slaithwaite), N White (Thongsbridge), G Beaumont (Meltham), J Wareing (Meltham), T Marsland (Meltham), I Haigh (Meltham), P Toon (Bradley), R Crowther (Longwood), J Martin (Hopton).

At Lower Hopton: W Bedford (Alverthorpe), J Armitage (Littlemoor), C Austin (MOB), G Coates (MOB), D Poole (Pudsey), J Mordue (Pudsey), M Hill (Wakefield), J Blackburn (Spen), G Lally (Crossgates), N Cranston (Crossgates).

At Milnsbridge BC: M Pollard (Slaithwaite), G Fellows (Slaithwaite), M Johnson (Barnsley), R Jackson (Thongsbridge), D Beeby (Bradley), M Hill (Bradley), N Slattery (Bradley), G Siswick (Crosland Moor), C Davies (Crosland Moor).

At Slaithwaite: C Gant (Thongsbridge), I Ross (Thongsbridge), D Radcliffe (Bradley), K Hatzer (Bradley), K Spencer (Bradley), R Mozley (MOB), P Ingleby (Hopton), J Greenalgh (Crosland Moor), M Sweeney (Crosland Moor), W Mosley (Crosland Moor).

At Rastrick: D Dunkerly (Brighouse), G Higgins (Hopton), A Bairstow (Harold), L Wider (Littlemoor), L Sandland (Pudsey), P Bowes (Pudsey), L Griffin (Hopton), W Hirst (Hopton), N Booth (Moorend), C Firth (OFH).

At Crossgates BC: S Shannon (Woodlands), D Hennessy (Rothwell), J Bowes (Littlemoor), C Mordue (Pudsey), C Farquharson (Littlemoor), P Pierce (Cleckheaton), S Thompson (Denby Grange), A Morgan (Denby Grange), S Fisher (Denby Grange), P Mottram (Denby Grange).

At Spen Victoria: Jason Horsley (Brighouse), G Blenkisop (Ossett Flying Horse), S Daniel (Ossett), P Rann (Royds), A Wider (Littlemoor), C Hebbard (Littlemoor), C Davies (Mirfield Old Bank), G Hickey (Hopton), J Wood (Crossgates), S Gilroy (Crossgates).

At Cleckheaton Sports Top: P Clark (Brighouse), A Webb (OFH), K Shuttleworth (OFH), K Burns (OFH), D Goodall (Moorend), T Morris (Pudsey), J Hanson (Pudsey), S Morris (Pudsey), GA Hirst (Hopton), D Walker (Denby Grange).

At Cleckheaton Sports Bottom: D Cowsill (Alverthorpe), N Marshall (Brighouse), G Smith (Alverthorpe), L Collinson (Royds), A Mazurke (Littlemoor), A Procter (MOB), D Reeves (Pudsey), C Hatton (Pudsey), GI Wilson (Hopton), A Wolfeden (Littlemoor)

At Mirfield Old Bank: C Bedford (Alverthorpe), A Page (Cleckheaton), A Walker (Cleckheaton), M Robinson (Morton), M Armitage (Littlemoor), T Hanson (Pudsey),

Yorkshire Crown Green Ladies bowls team earned another good win as they beat Burton and District by 60 points in the second game of their round robin games for the inter-county championship.

At Marsh Utd. Yorkshire 220, Burton 192: Fern Beaumont (New Mill) 21, Lyn Baghurst 12; Karen Gant (Meltham) 20, Victoria Mosley 21; Linda Gledhill (New Mill) 21, Lynn Wilkins 4; Marie Lockwood (New Mill) 3, Michelle Lawton 21; Alicia Beaumont (Meltham) 21, Colleen Chittenden 15; Sophie Brown (Farnley Tyas) 21, Kerry Lees 13; Chloe Hirst (Hove Edge) 21, Jackie Draper 17; Dill Harvey (Meltham) 17, Helen Jackson 21; Lynda Drury (New Mill) 21, Sharon Tatem 15; Chloe Ghaffer (Meltham) 21, Linda Wheeldon 14; Jacquie Haigh (Meltham) 17, Karen Worsey 21; Julie Mallinson (Lockwood Cons) 21, Tracey Mosley 18.

At Swadlincote: Yorkshire 225, Burton 193: Alexis Lunn-Gadd (Ossett FH) 21, Mary Mousley 11; Helen Gilroy (Rufford Pk) 21, Rita Blood 16; Karen Hill (Ossett FH) 11, Wendy Jackson 21; Nicole Farrar (Whitkirk) 21, Yvonne Sweet 10; Katy Atkinson (Lockwood Cons) 16,Barbara Harrison 21; Viv Abel (Skipton Broughton Rd) 21, Marie Worthington 13; Lisa Daykin (Thongsbridge) 14; Connie Wain 21; Debbie Talbot (New Mill) 21, Debra Stallard 5; Suzy Ladbrooke (Lockwood Cons) 21, Pauline Jarvis 14; Andrea Buckley (New Mill) 21 Anita Mansfield 19; Mandy Wilson (Chapel Allerton) 19, Barbara Lowe 21; Sharon Gadd (West Pk) 18, Jane Hudson 21.

The Spen Valley Veterans Bowling Association Pairs Merit Finals Day will be held at Cleckheaton Sports Club next Wednesday (June 27).Scratch noon, start 12.15pm.