Smith overcomes Mordue challenge to claim first Spen Winter Sweep success

Kez Smith claimed his first Spen Winter Sweep win of the season, defeating Chris Mordue in last Saturday's final.
Kez Smith claimed his first Spen Winter Sweep win of the season, defeating Chris Mordue in last Saturday's final.

Kez Smith ensured it was third time lucky as he claimed a first Spen Winter Sweep win of the season last Saturday.

Smith had been beaten in his previous two final appearances but he overcame Chris Mordue 21-15 in the final to earn victory.

Morude was seeking a third final win and the early stages were nip and tuck as the pair were level 3-3 after four ends.

Smith pulled clear to move 9-3 up after eight ends and at the ninth he was lying a pair but Mordue turned peg, playing a great bowl to run the block for a pair.

Instead of Smith leading 11-3, Mordue had pulled it back to 9-5.

Smith produced the better bowls over the next few ends to move 16-8 ahead but Mordue attempted to fight back.

Smith led 18-12 after 20 ends but Mordue produced two singles only for Smith to move to the brink of victory with a pair.

Mordue took a single at the next end but Smith replied with the one he needed to deservedly win his first sweep of this winter.

Ash Tattersley previously defeated Marc Armitage 21-13 in the Week 11 final held just before Christmas.

Spen Winter Sweep Results - Week 12

Prelim round: Lorraine Hirst 21, Paul Holt 20; Thomas Scorah 12, Mark Regan 21; Gary Wike 19, Jack Dyson 21; Chris Bly 21, Brian Lee 20.

First Round: Kevin Wood 16, Warren Wilson 21; Kez Smith 21, Andy Fleming 15; Anthony Rukin 21, Alan Forest 8; Derek Hewitt 20, Suzie Ladbrooke 21; Ernie Wearing 16, Mally Fowler 21; James Martin 19, Mark Connelly 21; Andy Gallagher 16, Mitch Toth 21; Paul Burke 17, Andy Thornton 21; Joe Cranston 21, Colin Scorah 17; Neil Slattery 21, Garry Walker 17; Danny Teale 21, Sarah Edmondson 9; John Blackburn 6, Micheal Sweeney 21; Malcolm Wensley 20, Karen Hill 21; Gordon Bradford 13, Chris Mordue 21; Lorraine Hirst 6, Mark Regan 21; Jack Dyson 21, Chris Bly 16.

Second Round: Warren Wilson 6, Kez Smith 21; Anthony Rukin 17, Suzie Ladbrooke 21; Mally Fowler 21, Mark Connelly 8; Mitch Toth 16, Andy Thornton 21; Joe Cranston 21, Neil Slattery 17; Danny Teale 15, Micheal Sweeney 21; Karen Hill 10, Chris Mordue 21; Mark Regan 21, Jack Dyson 19.

Quarter Finals: Kez Smith 21, Suzie Ladbrooke 14; Mally Fowler 17 v 21, Andy Thornton 21; Joe Cranston 13, Micheal Sweeney 21; Chris Mordue 21, Mark Regan 18.

Semi Finals: Kez Smith 21, Andy Thornton 14; Micheal Sweeney 15, Chris Mordue 21.

Final: Kez Smith 21, Chris Mordue 15.