Spen Winter Sweep reaches its climax with Brough Trophy final

Ashley Tattersley mastered the testing conditions last Saturday to win the final qualifying round of the Spen Winter Sweep.
Ashley Tattersley mastered the testing conditions last Saturday to win the final qualifying round of the Spen Winter Sweep.

The Spen Winter Sweep competition reaches its climax this Saturday when the top 16 bowlers meet in finals day for the Geoff Brough Trophy.

Qualification has taken place over the last 16 weeks, producing some highly entertaining bowls.

The top 16 bowlers in the final points table will play off for the Geoff Brough Trophy, while bowlers who finished 17th to 32nd will compete for the Consolation Cup.

The draw is seeded, to reward players who have done best in the league positions, and if successful, the top four bowlers in the final standings would not meet until the semi-finals.

Ashley Tattersley mastered the difficult conditions on a frozen Spen Victoria green to claim victory in the final qualifying round last Saturday.

He played six games on the way to victory having begun with a preliminary round win over Brian Lee.

Tattersley’s run to the final wasn’t without a scare as he overcame Gary Wike 21-20 in a thrilling first round clash.

Having eased past Paul Holt 21-8 in the second round, Tattersley overcame three-time qualifying winner Chris Mordue 21-5 in his quarter-final and beat another of the tournament favourites Mark Regan 21-19 in the semis before accounting for Kez Smith 21-9 in the final.

Smith defeated Gordon Bradford 21-11 in the first round and overcame Mally Fowler 21-11 and Josh Mordue 21-17 before seeing off Neil Slattery 21-18 in his semi-final but he was eventually defeated by Tattersley.

Competition organisers have requested that all bowlers who win prize money on Saturday stay until the end for the presentation, when pie and peas will be served.

Spen Winter Sweep Week 16 Results

Preliminary round: Karen Hill 16, Paul Holt 21; Alan Forrest 17, Warren Wilson 21; Gary Wike 21, Lorraine Hirst 12; Ash Tattersley 21, Brian Lee 9; Colin Scorah 21, Andrea Buckley 7; Marc Armitage 21, Suzie Ladbrooke 20; Ben Gloag 21, Andy Thornton 19; Chris Mordue 21, Jimmy Hynes 9.

First Round: Paul Burke 21, Malcolm Wensley 19; Anthony Rukin 21, Micheal Sweeney 19; Andy Gallagher 15, Derek Hewitt 21; Neil Slattery 21, Danny Teale 17; Adam Ward 21, Garry Walker 5; Kevin Wood 12, Josh Mordue 21; Mally Fowler 21, Andy Taylor 10; Kez Smith 21, Gordon Bradford 11; Mark Regan 21,Duncan Reeves 11; Gareth Coates 18, Neil Simpson 21; Chris Ellis 12, Dave Gwilliam 21; Sarah Edmondson 13, Mitch Toth 21; Paul Holt 21, Warren Wilson 15; Gary Wike 20, Ash Tattersley 21; Colin Scorah 21, Marc Armitage 20; Ben Gloag 17, Chris Mordue 21.

Second Round: Paul Burke 18, Anthony Rukin 21; Derek Hewitt 9, Neil Slattery 21; Adam Ward 8, Josh Mordue 21; Mally Fowler 7, Kez Smith 21; Mark Regan 21, Neil Simpson 13; Dave Gwilliam 5, Mitch Toth 21; Paul Holt 8, Ash Tattersley 21; Colin Scorah 15, Chris Mordue 21.

Quarter-finals: Anthony Rukin 14, Neil Slattery 21; Josh Mordue 17, Kez Smith 21; Mark Regan 21, Mitch Toth 13; Ash Tattersley 21, Chris Mordue 5.

Semi Finals: Neil Slattery 18, Kez Smith 21; Mark Regan 19, Ash Tattersley 21.

Final: Kez Smith 9, Ash Tattersley 21.

Finals Day Draws

Geoff Brough Trophy (winner £150, losing finalist £90, semi-finalists £50 quarter-finalists £30)

First round: Kez Smith v Marc Armitage, Chris Bly v Ben Gloag (9.30am); Andy Gallagher v Garry Walker, Ash Tattersley v Joe Cranston (10.10am); Chris Mordue v Gary Wike, Gareth Coates v Colin Scorah (10.50am); Mally Fowler v Josh Mordue, Mark Regan v Andy Thornton (11.30am).

Consolation Cup (winner £135,finalist £75, semis £40, quarters £20).

Preliminary round: Karen Hill v Dave Gwilliam (9.30am).

First round: Mitch Toth v Sarah Edmondson, Paul Holt v Suzie Ladbrooke (9.30am); Anthony Rukin v Gordon Bradford, Lorraine Hirst v Adam Ward (10.10am), Neil Simpson v Derek Hewitt, Jimmy Hynes v Mark Connelly (10.50am); Michael Sweeney v Paul Burke, Danny Teale v Winner of prelim (11.30am).