Training Cave’s Nicholls marches to national quarters after Yorkshire title win

Noah Nicholls became the Training Cave's first Yorkshire Schoolboy champion.
Noah Nicholls became the Training Cave's first Yorkshire Schoolboy champion.

Noah Nicholls became the first boxer from Birstall’s Training Cave Gym to win a Yorkshire Schoolboys title last Sunday.

Nicholls was competing at 43kg and had a straight final to compete and it proved a real tear up.

The Training Cave fighter came back to the corner after the first round below on the scorecards, as he was being out worked and out muscled by a more aggressive opponent.

The second round saw a change in game plan as the shorter Nicholls started to use classy head movement to trick his opponent and land the cleaner counter punches.

In the last round both fighter met in the middle of the ring and went at each other non stop for a minute and a half.

Nicholls took a another round to take the win via split decision in a very well matched fight that was won on sheer determination and will.

Nicholls is the first Yorkshire schoolboy champion to come out of the Training Cave in their first full boxing season and he will be joined by gym mate Iran Walker in the national quarter finals in a few weeks time.

There was no one in the Yorkshire region for Iyran to box so he received a bye straight through to the national quarter finals.

Freddie Phillips was a third Training Cave fighter competing at the Yorkshire Championships at 41kg, when he came up against stern competition and put up a good effort but it wasn’t enough to take the win.

The Training Cave’s Kyle Verity boxed a away from home in Altrincham last Friday.

He fought a hard, close battle and came away a unanimous points winner.

Two of Birstall’s boxers also competed on the KBW show in Dewsbury.

Eleven-year-old Kian Lynn came up against a tricky southpaw opponent but boxed to a plan, keeping his cool to earn a split decision victory.

The only senior boxer in the Training Cave camp made his debut on the same show.

Luke Heaton impressed and showed great potential but it wasn’t his night and he lost via split decision but he team took a lot of promise from his performance and are confident he has a promising future.