Peak show by Road Runners

At the Isel Cross Trail Race, Cockermouth, Dewsbury Road Runners’ Andrew Cottier was third of the 53 finishers in a time of 34 minutes 14 seconds.

Andrew Meskimmon was fourth in 34-39 and Bernard Disken 31st in 43-11.

In the Bluebell Trail 10 near Halifax the Dewsbury results were: 75th David Smith 1hr 26min 52secs; 167th Tim Harris 1:37:41; 206th Colin Watson 1:42:21; 266th Debra Awty 1:51:43. There were 394 finishers.

In the Three Peaks race the top Dewsbury finisher was 112th Andrew Cottier in 3 hours 51 minutes 28 seconds

Other results: 207th James Morris 4:05:12; 279th Richard Aiston 4:18:29; 400th Russell Thomas 4:34:34; 478th David Binns 4:44:56; 604th David Clancy 5:05:54; 607th Ian Sutcliffe 5:06:20. There were 677 finishers

In the Ripon 10 mile race 157th was Debra Awty in 1:33:44.

In a Regional Orienteering Event at Barns Cliff, Broxa Forest near Scarborough Michael Wood was 20th on the Green Course.

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