Regan overcomes Hynes test to secure Spen Winter Sweep win

Mark Regan defied the bitterly cold temperatures and freezing rain to win last Saturday's Spen Winter Sweep as he defeated Jimmy Hynes in the final.

Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 2:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 2:03 pm
Mark Regan was the latest winner of the Spen Winter Sweep as he defied the freezing temperatures to defeat Jimmy Hynes last Saturday.

Ashleigh Whitehead, Jordan Lee, Lester Mynard and home bowler Kevin Wood stepped in as late replacements following some late drop outs.

The first semi-final saw Hynes looking to reach his second final, as he faced Neil Simpson, who was hoping to go one better than in his previous semi final in week five.

A nine-point break helped Hynes move from 12-11 down to the brink of victory, which he secured to 13.

The second semi saw the prolific Chris Mordue against Mark Regan.

Mordue had already featured in three finals this winter, winning two of them, but Regan rediscovered some lost form and took control with a 10 break which put him 16-9 ahead and went on to complete a 21-12 victory to reach the final.

Hynes was looking to better is last final appearance in week four, when he just lost to Chris Mordue, while Regan was making his first final appearance of the season.

Conditions were terrible as the freezing rain meant only a few hardy spectators remained to watch the action.

At the start neither player could hold the block for more than a couple of ends and after seven ends Regan held a slender 6-4 lead.

Hynes then lengthened the mark and put together a mini four break with the help a couple of strikes to go 10-6 ahead.

Regan replied with a great forcing bowl and then got two more singles to lead 9-8.

Regan was trying to get back on his favoured mark over the middle but Hynes kept himself in the game with some good striking.

Both players were defying the conditions with some decent bowls and after 16 ends Hynes led 11-9.

Regan managed to put together a small break over the middle and found himself scoring 10 of the next 12 points to take control of the game at 19-13.

Hynes managed another two singles but his usual reliable striking had deserted him and it wasn’t long before Regan got the two singles he needed to seal a 21-15 win after 29 ends.

Spen Winter Sweeps — December 15

Preliminary round: Colin Scorah 3, Joe Cranston 21; Danny Sillitoe 20, Dave Gwilliam 21; Andy Gallagher 21, Jordan Lee 7; Derek Hewitt lost 21-12; Mark Regan 21, Anthony Rukin 5; Gary Wike 21, Ashleigh Whitehead 10.

First round: Andy Thornton 13, Jimmy Hynes 21; Frank Griffin 13, Danny Teale 21; Duncan Reeves 21, Mally Fowler 9; Chris Bly 21, Suzy Ladbrooke 20; Ben Gloag 17, Kevin Wood 21; Lester Mynard 11, Marc Armitage 21; Garry Walker 21, Andy Smith 10; Jack Dyson 20, Neil Simpson 21; Mark Connolley 20, Sarah Edmondson 21; Alan Forest 19, Paul Burke 21; Chris Mordue 21, Karen Hill 12; Mitch Toth 19, Lorraine Hirst 21; Kez Smith 21, Gordon Bradford 20; Joe Cranston 21, Dave Gwilliam 6; Andy Gallagher 21, Paul Holt 19; Mark Regan 21, Gary Wike 15.

Second Round: Jimmy Hynes 21, Danny Teale 8; Duncan Reeves 15, Chris Bly 21; Kevin Wood 21, Marc Armitage 17; Garry Walker 8, Neil Simpson 21; Sarah Edmondson 13, Paul Burke 21; Chris Mordue 21, Lorraine Hirst 18; Kez Smith 21, Joe Cranston 9; Andy Gallagher 17, Mark Regan 21.

Quarter-Finals: Jimmy Hynes 21, Chris Bly 11; Kevin Wood 8, Neil Simpson 21; Paul Burke 7, Chris Mordue 21; Kez Smith 13, Mark Regan 21.

Semi Finals: Jimmy Hynes 21, Neil Simpson 13; 2. Chris Mordue 12, Mark Regan 21.

Final: Jimmy Hynes 15, Mark Regan 21.