Team-mates band together to see off Press pack

SPEN Press Challenge Cup 2012 winners Rastrick Sports and Social, pictured with sponsor Jim Frost of Siddall Colour, lifted the trophy following the final, played at Cleckheaton Sports last Friday.

Sunday, 29th July 2012, 10:00 am

Twenty clubs contested the opening round of this handicap contest.

The final of the Ronnie Robinson Trophy will take place at Overthorpe on Friday, July 27, with a 1pm start.

Delegates should note that the next meeting is at Hanging Heaton CC on Monday, July 30, from 10.30am when all entries for the E&A Alexander Pairs Trophy will also be submitted.

The 14th annual Spen Valley Veterans GO&J Mellor Trophy will be played at Royds Park on Friday, August 10, at 1pm.

Sixteen players from the Spen Valley clubs have been invited to take part including reigning champion David Wilmot of Mirfield Parish Bowling Club.

Spen Victoria CB&AC will host the fifth round of the Spen Masters on Saturday, July 28, from 6pm.

The following day the club is hosting re-arranged Round 3 matches at 10.30am and 1.30pm.

Spen Masters

Round 3, at 10.30am:1 Gareth Foster (Ryhill) 2 Bob Whitfield (Brighouse) 3 Nigel Cranston (Leeds) 4 David Jackson (Macclesfield) 5 Jonathan Welsby (Warrington) 6 Richard Stockdale (Bradford) 7 Jack Summers (Bradford) 8 Kieran Smith (Leeds). At 1.30pm: 9 Andy Wike (Huddersfield) 10 Duncan Reeves (Littlemoor) 11 Ashley Daykin (Huddersfield) 12 Joseph Cranston (Leeds) 13 Dean Scarth (Batley) 14 Andrew Farmer (Sheffield) 15 James Wilcox (Leeds) 16 Jason Jones (Ryhill).

Round 5: 1 Dan Williams (Shropshire) 2 Andy Mailor (Sheffield) 3 Steve Curbishley (Wrexham) 4 Roy Nicholson (Shropshire) 6 Joe Thorpe (Meersbrook) 7 Allan Thompson (Mirfield) 8 Richard Jackson (Sheffield) 9 Andrew Sykes (Mirfield) 10 Daniel Jones (Wrexham) 11 Mick Crawshaw (Sheffield) 12 Richard Goddard (Shropshire) 13 Richard Atkin (Meersbrook) 14 Andrew Judson (Shropshire) 15 Gareth Nicholson (Halifax) 16 Graham Hickey (Halifax).

HWDBA Weekly Afternoon

Section A: Kirkheaton Cons A 118 The Hightown 99; Ossett Flying Horse 112 Hanging Heaton A 106; Lower Hopton A 115 Longwood 91; Morton House 110 Hanging Heaton A 99; Morton House 105 Waterloo A 93; Almondbury Libs 102 Longwood 103.

Section B: Grange Moor A 114 Thornhill CB A 70; Heckmondwike A 106 Overthorpe Sports 100; Rock House A 116 Almondbury A 98; Hanging Heaton B 11 Thornhill CB A 92; Hanging Heaton B 77 Cleckheaton Moorend A 115; Crow Nest Park 109 Soothill A 90.

Section C: Waterloo B 126 Lower Hopton B 87; Earlsheaton Park A 124 Bristall IDL A 69Dalton A 110 Grange Park B 87; Cleckheaton Moorend B 126 Heckmondwike B 72; Birstall IDL A 103 Grange Moor B 105; Cleckheaton Sports A 113 Rock House B 116; Slazenger A 125 Kirkheaton Cons B 85.

Section D: Almondbury B 106 Slazenger B 91; Kirkheaton CB 111 Wilton Park A 110; Denby Grange 121 Dalton B 50; Wilton Park B 109 Cleckheaton Sports B 108; Soothill B 108 Ossett CB 84; Birstall IDL B 108 Earlsheaton Park B 102.

HWDBA Weekly Evening

Section A: Overthorpe Sports A 140 Hanging Heaton A 131; Morton House A 121 Overthorpe Sports A 155; Thornhill CB A 168 Morton House A 76; Thornhill CB A 168 Kirkheaton Cons A 79; Mirfield CF A 155 Thornhill CB A 112.

Section B: Staincliffe Park A 127 Ossett CB A 124; Overthorpe Sports C 162 Hanging Heaton B 130; Thornhill CB C 117 Horbury Bridge 126; Ossett CB B 135 Soothill Park 137; Earlsheaton Park 165 Kirkheaton Cons B 123.

Section D: Denby Grange C 154 Staincliffe Park B 128; Holroyd Park 142 Morton House C 89; Ossett CB D 124 Grange Moor B 147.

Spen Valley Vets

Team Handicap Knockout

Division 1, preliminary round: Morton House +2 v Heckmondwike +16 at Cleckheaton Moorend; Overthorpe +31 v Mirfield Vets A +26 at Lower Hopton.

Division 2, preliminary round: Royds Park B +7 v Harold Club B +13 at Birkenshaw; Millbridge B +2 v Cleckheaton Sports C +18 at Royds Park. To be played on August 3.

Heavy Woollen Saturday Parks

Division 1: Thornhill A 2134 Hanging Heaton 1812 Royds Park A 1789 Mirfield OB B 1684 Birstall 1651 Hightown 1647 Thornhill B 1534 Mirfield OB A 1472 Rock House Park 1286 Millbridge A 1230.

Division 2: Spen Victoria 1318 Soothill 1311 Heckmondwike 1270 Staincliffe 1114 Royds Park B 1084 Millbridge B 1046 Slazenger 1043 Holroyd Park 1008 Rock House Park 941.