Steve Mason preparing to launch his 'Coup d'etat' in Leeds

Steve Mason. Picture: Gavin Watson
Steve Mason. Picture: Gavin Watson

Singer-songwriter Steve Mason is back with a new release and a UK tour that brings him to Leeds early next month.

The former singer with The Beta Band is well established as a solo act these days with a real ear for a melody and a winning way with a tune.

He proves this again with impressive new EP 'Coup d'etat', which has been produced by Steve Mac and Martin Duffy from Primal Scream.

It features three brand new recordings alongside a Tim Goldsworthy remix of 'America Is Your Boyfriend', taken from his much acclaimed album 'About The Light', which was released in January.

Talking about the opening track, 'Like A Ripple', Mason said: "Like A Ripple came from a 4am jam at Dan Carey’s studio in London. Dan and I just went down into his basement studio one night and played together for a couple of hours. I took some loops from that jam (Bomb Squad style ) and wrote a song around one particular four second loop.

"I then took the basic song to Brendan Lynch and we just threw a load of ideas at it. I was listening to I Travel by Simple Minds on repeat during this time and wanted to do something with a similar energy. The final bit of extra magic came from Eli, who had sung backing vocals on my About The Light album.

"After a bit of persuading that it should be her alone on the chorus she slipped from backing singer into spotlight mode and I had what I wanted."

Like 'Like A Ripple', the other two new tracks, 'Against The World' and 'Head Case', see Mason sonically reconnect with his more eclectic musical corners, closer perhaps to his Black Affair and King Biscuit Time work than the more recent albums under his own name.

Steve will be playing the new songs alongside familiar favourites when he heads out on a big UK tour, which starts in Norwich and brings him to Leeds at the Brudenell Social Club on Friday, November 8.