Rock group have a worldwide view

Fairway view
Fairway view

Rock band Fairway View are to release their new single next week.

The band – brothers Carl (vocals) and Gavin (lead guitar) Haigh and friends Craig Blakeley (bass) and Matthew Marsh (drums) – said the release of their new single was “absolutely great.”

Bassist Craig said: “It’s the first time that we had been in a proper recording studio and recorded an album. It was a really good experience.”

As well as recording a new single, the lads have also made a music video and have an upcoming EP which is yet to be named but will consist of new songs which have been played at various shows.

Since forming in 2008, they have performed in their home town of in Dewsbury, as well as York, Leeds and Sheffield.

Craig added: “We have performed mostly in Yorkshire and we are hoping to try and branch out a little bit.”

In May 2009, Fairway View opened for Scottish rock band Logan at their show at the Corporation in Sheffield.

Their music has also been played on radio stations such as Amazing Radio and BBC Radio Leeds.

The band said their inspiration for the group came from American rock bands such as Nickelback, Bon Jovi, Alter Bridge, Creed and Guns ‘N’ Roses.

Craig said: “It is something we have always wanted to do. We would like to do some more gigs outside Yorkshire, get signed and then maybe go worldwide.”

Fairway View’s single Keep Me Down is available to download on iTunes and other major online stores from September 16. For more information on the band, visit